The Doodles!

Words hold power.

I love to collect quotes and phrases that make me think, then doodle them and share them in hopes that they can make *you* think too.

This is the heart of my project,
 Consider This Thought.  May these words encourage and inspire you.  (The site shows all my posters in a stream.  You can see them all together, without all my thoughts on each one, on the Pinterest Board)
Of course, if you like these doodles you may even want to order your own from my Etsy shop!  I list new items sporadically and am always open to hearing about ideas for commissions.  I’ve gotten to do commissions for anything from shoes to posters to cards to invitations to T-shirts to blog headers to wall decals to…..
Of course, that’s not my only art project.  You can see other doodle adventures at my other Tumblr pages, From The Post and 100 Pantone Doodles, as well as work-in-progress & other small projects on my Instagram.
Other random doodle fun: In September of 2013 I created a time-lapse doodling of Jon Acuff’s poem, “We All Get Our Own Oceans,” set to the audio of the poem read by the author:

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