Also Find Me On…

I love social networks!  You can find & contact me all over the web, including: – my quirky personal page

Twitter– my world. Moment by moment.

Pinterest– my craftiness and style

Tumblr – my doodle projects:
*Consider This Thought – inspirational doodles
*From The Post – art on postcards, inspired by the senders
*100 Pantone Doodles – one Sharpie + one box of pantone postcards = 100 days of art!

Etsy – my art for sale!

Instagram– my view of my world – my other website (in progress)

Vine– my world in 6 second video clips (Vine is a smartphone app; this link lets you view my Vines via the website “VineBox”)

SoundCloud– the world through my ears

LinkedIn– my professional profile

Google+ – my personal Google page

Learn more about Challenger Learning Center where I work:

– Challenger Center’s official site
– A Prezi about the Challenger Center where I work
Thanks for visiting!

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