Who Made This Big Mess? (about me)

Well well welcome!  Seems you’ve stumbled upon my blog.  And it seems you’re curious about the crazy person that (tries) to write in it every once in awhile.  And it would seem you are in a good place to do that.

First, a quote:

“The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” (Eden Philpotts)

This blog is called Hello Life for this simple reason: I’m daily looking for the magical things in life all around me, both in the storied past, in the exciting possibility-stuffed future, or in the precious here and now.  The sharper I get, through study and experience, the more magic I’ll be able to pick up on.  It’s all around me… I just have to notice it.

Me and two friends, pretending to be rockets

Life is pretty magical when you pretend to be a rocket with two great friends (and Jeffrey the tiger!). That’s me on the left.  Yes, I am this random.  Prepare yourself.

A little more about me specifically, of course (that is why you came to this page after all, isn’t it?):

In my dayjob, I’m a Flight Director at a Challenger Learning Center – that’s an educational space simulator for middle school students, part of a network founded by the family members of the astronauts who died in the Challenger 51-L Shuttle tragedy of 1986.  For me, that means I spend my days collaborating to effectively inspire the next generation in STEM education – and in problem solving and grabbing hold of their futures in general.  It also means I’m encouraged to pursue my childhood fascination with the sky and planets.  For you, that means I wear a blue flight suit and run middle school students (and the occasional corporate or social group) through simulated space missions where everyone has to refer to me as “Commander Libby”.  This job is one of the coolest jobs ever, one of those kinds of jobs I never could have imagined until I got it. 

Life is pretty exciting aside from that, too.  I’m also an artist & the owner of Libbydoodle, hand-doodling and painting inspirational typography, logos, illustrations, posters, cards, and more.  Coolest ways my doodles have been used?  I have two favorites: 1) I got to design the wedding invitation for a close friend who married an ASTRONAUT, and 2) I was the invited Artist-In-Residence for TEDxIntuit in 2014 and even made art & gave a TEDx talk on stage for that event.  Both were such a blast and an honor!

Travel is one of my favorite things and I’ve taken over 50 trips (combination of domestic & international travel) in the last 4.5 years… seeing rockets launch, presenting at conferences, surprising friends, “touring the facilities,” celebrating life, training colleagues, worshipping, experiencing other customs, and generally being a big kid & taking in all the wonder and excitement I can.

I’m also a social-networking maven who has attended multiple tweetups/socials and even team-planned a few unofficial ones (probably most notable: #WelcomeDiscovery in DC in April of 2012 and the entirely-virtual #NASASocial4yrs, as well as a small part in the #ThingsNASAMightTweet campaign during the government shutdown in fall of 2013).

I’m a singer, dancer, lefty, goofball, gamer, clutterbug, and lover of bright colors.  I’m more at ease in a room full of children than a room full of adults.  I love to tinker, craft, and make.  I also love internet memes, and finding electrical outlets in strange/hard-to-reach places.  Oh, and my socks rarely ever match 🙂

And space — OH SPACE! — fills me with a ridiculous amount of awe and wonder.  This is probably why I like to hang around it so much… I love to feel so small I’m lost in the majesty of our crazy cosmos and the amazing technology we develop to learn about it.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to spot any of this magic in my life if it wasn’t for God, who showed scandalous grace when he gave His Son Jesus so that crazy, sinful people like me could be seen as righteous on the scales of justice & spend eternity with Him.  He turned my life upside-down and has put me on some pretty crazy trails so far.  Can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

There.  Feel like that’s enough information to satisfy your curiosity about the crazy Creative behind this blog?  Excellent 🙂  In the end, I’m just an ordinary person who decides to get out there and try new things.  And you can too!  It’s a trip!


You can also link to a lot of my stuff from my (currently in production) Landing Page, www.libbydoodle.com


One thought on “Who Made This Big Mess? (about me)

  1. I follow you on Twitter ,had no idea of all the things you are about. Love your outlook on life and sense of humor,and how about a fellow lefty! After all “left-handed people are the only ones in their right mind” ! Keep being you ,cause you are wonderful!

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